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Multi-dimensional events engage today’s millennial audiences and bear little resemblance to last century’s meeting. Pump up your ROI today by adding one or more of these elements: Presenter in Center Simulcasts Remote Presentation Virtual Meeting Archiving Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Today, a meeting that delivers ROI is a multi-dimensional event that spans a physical venue to a webcast, peripheral devices, archives and a viral audience on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

At Summit Management Services, our team will work with you to determine the right meeting combination for your next Investigator meeting, product launch, sales or incentive meeting, manager meeting, sales training, trade show exhibit, retreat or other special event.

Summit's revolutionary conference-planning software will help you monitor and track the details related to the event. Our ONCORR solution delivers rapid ROI and provides secure, around-the-clock access from any Internet connection worldwide.

Our decades of experience has taught us that although there are hundreds of moving parts involved in creating a flawless meeting, unless the message, presenter, and presentation moves the people, the meeting is a costly bore. Our Automated Response System (ARS) module helps you determine whether the audience understands and retains the information. It is an invaluable tool to confirm if the message of the meeting is resonating with the attendees while on site.

Once the event is over, Summit can convert the message into a secure web-broadcast or USB drive based presentation. Through archiving this material, digital learning can extend the benefits of traditional meetings to those unable to attend – or to those joining a protocol long after the initial meeting has been held.

Our Services

Our desire to help businesses to produce more effective Meeting programs that yield the highest ROI.
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DEDICATED Planners and Agents

Each time we travel new items come up and we adapt to the needs of the clients.This is one of the reason we go "hand and glove" with a Clinical Trial Company like PPD.- We are equipped to meet the need and everyday challenges of both the Pharma and ever-changing Travel industry.

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Innovative Software Solutions

We have our own proprietary Software called ONCORR, that has handled more the 60,000 medical professionals and their travel reservations. For more information on ONCORR click here: http://oncorr.com

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Outside The Box Thinking

Summit is proud to present a Positive "Can Do Attitude" for everything. Not just order takers, put people planners that make real life changes and adjustments to the day to day situations as they arise.

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Cost Savings

Based on venue and cost, but "most importantly" the time out of the office for Study coordinators and Physicians. We negotiate meeting aspects such as Internet and various other services to make certain we have the lost possible cost

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Sunshine Reporting

From managing Sunshine requirements and implementation to the final reporting and pie charts for final accounting, experience and seasoned Planners carry out the process with accuracy and efficiency.

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Traveling with our own Technical Team

Summit understands the needs of the your guests and therefore travels with a seasoned technical team. They provide show and production management for a professional and consistent type of presentation in all venues worldwide.

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Quartly Review

Summit meets with the team members and stakeholders and procurement office to discuss effect cost savings and service levels.