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When is a meeting more than a meeting?

Today’s technology can multiply your meeting Return on Investment by allowing secondary audiences to attend – participating virtually via the internet. Live, real-time meeting interaction has come of age and it’s more affordable than ever.

Summit Management pioneered remote presentations more than 20 years ago, allowing speakers who were unable or unwilling to travel to address distant attendees through virtual presence.

But now, you can do even more – the third wave of participants can view the event via archived video and/or social media. Only those companies that have made the shift to this new perspective – embracing the future, enjoy the benefit of the modern business meeting.

The Summit Advantage

Today, a meeting that delivers ROI is a multi-dimensional event that spans a physical venue to a webcast, peripheral devices, archives and a viral audience on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Audience Response modules keep attention focused on your presentation and provide real-time comprehension and feedback.

At Summit Management Services, our team will work with you to determine the right meeting combination for your next Investigator meeting, product launch, sales or incentive meeting, manager meeting, sales training, trade show exhibit, retreat or other special event.

Summit's revolutionary conference-planning software will help you monitor and track the details related to the event. Our ONCORR solution delivers rapid ROI and provides secure, around-the-clock access from any Internet connection worldwide.

Our decades of experience has taught us that although there are hundreds of moving parts involved in creating a flawless meeting, unless the message, presenter, and presentation moves the people, the meeting is a costly bore. Our Automated Response System (ARS) module helps you determine whether the audience understands and retains the information. It is an invaluable tool to confirm if the message of the meeting is resonating with the attendees while on site.

Once the event is over, Summit can convert the message into a secure web-broadcast or USB drive based presentation. Through archiving this material, digital learning can extend the benefits of traditional meetings to those unable to attend – or to those joining a protocol long after the initial meeting has been held.

The Summit Advantage

Case Studies

Agile Solutions

Numerous times, we have taken on hotels for the benefit of our clients when, for one reason or another, client expectations for a meeting didn’t pan out. Even when the contact clearly states our clients have liability, we go back to the hotel and work out a settlement that’s in the client’s favor – and even when there is no legal basis for doing so. Our relationships with hotel chains and specifically with conference management staff mean that even when they don’t have to, hotels make adjustments in our clients’ favor.

Venue Selection

After 30 years in the industry, we have extensive knowledge of which hotels are suitable for our client meetings. The lack of uniform guidelines for hotel ratings in various countries creates a great deal of uncertainty, however, with respect to "Star" ratings, and we try to work with our clients to be sure their expectations are reasonable. In many parts of the world, there is no such thing as a "safe, four star hotel" - especially in Latin America and in some parts of Asia, where we try to insist that basic safety requires selection of a five star hotel.

Optimum Travel

Summit's booking team follows the concept of Lowest Logical Airfare, unless the client policy specifically directs us to do otherwise. Within the US, virtually all air travel is booked at the lowest available coach fare at the time of booking. Invited guests, however, are usually invited to state their preference for airline, and, all things equal, are usually allowed to travel nonstop wherever a cheaper connecting flight would take 2 or more hours longer to complete a trip.

Pharmaceutical Compliance

PhRMA guidelines are regularly reviewed by our senior management team, and we host semi-annual discussions about the latest guidelines with all members of our staff. Our clients have different interpretations about the guidelines, including what level of hotel property is suitable for their meetings. In Asia, Africa and parts of Europe, we encourage our clients to be more flexible as to whether higher-tier hotels are appropriate, simply because many properties are incapable of providing proper security or support for meetings.

Client Satisfaction

Since our clients generally do not allow us to contact meeting attendees directly, the best metric is feedback from our customer stakeholders. Our standard process is to engage in a project review with key stakeholders after each meeting. We understand (as do many of our clients) that while a flawless meeting is a goal, there are many variables beyond the control of the most aggressive plan.

International Reach

Meetings in the (B)RIC countries and Japan are more complicated and labor intensive than almost any other venue. Aside from differences in customs and language issues, the infrastructure of these countries challenges even the most adaptable of clients.

Cost Savings

After 35 years in the travel management business, it has been our experience that few managers make effective use out of the reams of paper wasted on travel management reports. The fact is, most “savings” reports are virtually worthless unless the person reviewing the report (and more importantly corporate supervisors) are fully cognizant of what is being measured, and what it’s being measured against!

Summit Travel Management

Summit Travel Management (STM) is a service that manages a company's approach to travel, including the negotiations with all Airlines, Hotels, and Vendors.