Summit Management Services is the leader in the design and logistical execution of world-class business meetings. Our multi-dimensional events address the in-person audience, virtual attendees, post-meeting archives and social media on facebook, twitter and youtube. Our focus is on managing all of the event planning, meeting production and audiovisual details so that the key reason for the event--the big idea and the intellectual collaboration related to it--comes to the surface in a compelling and powerful way.

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Alerts & Notifications

Delta Airlines and Phishing Email Alert
Delta Air Lines has recently received reports from customers of fraudulent emails claiming to be from Delta Air Lines.
TSA Secure Flight Travel Updates
Airlines are now collecting additional passenger information as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implements Secure Flight, a program developed to allow for uniform watch
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Summit Highlights

Case Studies
The team at Summit Management Services has taken on some exciting challenges over the last three decades. Read some of our case studies to better understand our unique approach to event management.
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News Coverage
Summit Management Services is making news! From discussing ways to improve meeting ROI to explaining the intricacies of planning a meeting on a cruise, Summit provides insight and expertise.
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White Papers
Summit Management Services has put together a gallery of white papers on topics related to making your next event an investment, not an expense!
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